Vaporizer Cigarettes

A vaporizer cigarette is an electronic device that mimics an actual cigarette in many ways to the point where tons of users tout that they are almost exactly like the real thing, and people by the droves are switching to them for various reasons, such as cost savings, and they don’t stink like tobacco cigarettes, among tons of other reasons.

Are Vaporizer Cigarettes Healthier?

This is a big topic right now, with lots of debate, speculation, and the FDA is heavily looking into them. There is no agreed upon answer to this yet. It has been proven that these devices produce a fraction of the amount of chemicals, but not enough time has passed for any absolute determinations.

Many scientists and scholars say they must be healthier due to these producing a water-based vapor in contrast to smoke, and vapers by the hoardes feel sure that they are better, and so time will reveal the consensus of this.

electronic cigaretteHow To They Work?

Vapor is produced by an atomizer inside of the cigarette. The vapor is typically composed of either propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin, or a mix of both, and most of the time with a percentage of nicotine, measured in milligrams.

This liquid is referred to as e-cig liquid or juice, and comes in a ton of flavors, from regular tobacco and menthol, to a zillion dessert flavors. Many e-smokers tend love the massive variety of flavors, and other traditionalists just keep with a tobacco or menthol flavor.

Do They Help People Quit Smoking?

This is another big debate going on. No one is allowed to state that they are smoking cessation aids, due to regulations. There have been preliminary studies stating they may be as good as the patch and nicotine gum or better, though once again, it is too early for them to make a definite statement about that without further testing.

You can search it on the internet and see what consumers are saying about it.

Where Can You Buy Vapor Cigarettes?

You can head over to your local gas station, convenience store, Walmart or Walgreen’s for a few brands. You can also buy them online.

We recommend getting a starter kit if you’re new. Here’s our recommendations for starter kits for anyone new to e-cigarettes.

Here’s a video by South Beach Smoke introducing people to vaporizer cigarettes: