How Strong Is Your Battery? A Quick Look At MAh

While reading descriptions for e cig batteries, you will have noticed they are all rated according to their mAh level. What does this abbreviation stand for and what does it mean? Why is a higher mAh rating preferred and what will this figure do to the size of a battery? Read on for more information.

Little Amps

mAh stands for Milliamp Hours. In layman’s terms, this is how long a battery will hold its charge. It doesn’t, however, mean that a person gets 280 hours out of a 280-mAh battery. If your battery is rated about 190 mAh, you can expect the battery’s charge to last for 2 to 3 hours of vaping, more if the battery is manual, meaning it is not on standby constantly, losing power when not in use. With 280-mAh batteries that level could go up to 5 hours.

Medium Amps

When the rating is under 400 mah, you are using what is known as a mini cig: a device relative in size to a real cigarette. The base is a battery in and of itself. As your mAh rating goes up, this is a sign you are leaving mini cigs behind and courting eGo-type devices like the eGo-C or an Evod battery which connects with a tank.

These are usually rated at around 650 mAh or higher and the battery is usually the base with these devices too. It is not until you start to operate Variable Watt vaporizers that the tube is a control base while the battery is separate.

Big Battery Power

With Variable Watt mods, you are starting to rely on more power to create high temperatures. In this case, your cell is usually rated around 2200 mAh or more. For instance, a 1-battery 50 VW mod contains one 18650 battery, but a 100 watt box mod contains two, so the two batteries combined provide 4400 mAh or a solid 48 hours of vaping time.

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