E-Cigarettes For Beginners

Electronic cigarettes can seem pretty confusing for someone just starting out, or even when you are just researching them.

What we would recommend for a beginner is to get a basic starter kit, as that will have everything you need to get started with e-cigs.

Our recommendation would be a starter kit from V2 Cigs for the fact that they have a kit for everyone, from the most basic all the way to a full on kit with all the  bells and whistles.

They also have the most options for a beginner, such as flavors, and even battery colors, along with a bunch of accessories.

But with a standard starter kit, you get the two basic pieces needed (a battery and a cartomizer/cartridge) to start vaping (what this is called instead of smoking).

It will also come with a charger as the batteries are rechargeable. You can get a kit with just one battery, but we recommend a kit with 2 so once one dies, you’re not left stranded.

Then you can check out an e-cig, decide if you like it, and then if you want to take things further down the road, there are e-cig mods, such as upgraded batteries and tank systems that you can look into, though for a beginner, you’ll be happy, and less confused with a nice basic starter kit.


When a smoker first gives up smoking cigarettes to vape instead, he usually starts with a cigalike electronic cigarette. This is usually a two-piece pen resembling an analog cigarette in many ways. It is the same length and width. The bottom (at the end of the battery) glows red, orange, or blue.

Manufacturers try to make them feel like authentic, soft cigarettes and choose colors so they resemble the real thing. The top part which screws on a battery is cigarette-paper yellow and contains liquid in a cartridge. The atomizer is in this part too.

The bottom battery is white. Variations possess many of the same features, while users frequently abandon tobacco or menthol juice and frequently select colors completely unlike an ordinary cigarette.

What about an eGo e Cig?

An eGo electronic cigarette is similar to these. There is a battery at one end which screws onto a cartridge or tank at the other. An eGo e cig still has a similar size and weight to the real thing, but its shape is different. The top (often a refillable tank) is bullet shaped, tapering to hold a mouthpiece at the end.

When it is taken apart, the atomizer can be replaced instead of replacing the entire top half as you would with many cigalikes as they run out. Because the top is a tank, it is designed to be refilled with e liquid, to be cleaned, and to be re-used for a recommended period of time which varies from make to make before throwing it out.

More on Looks

Images of eGo electronic cigarettes frequently show devices in hues of orange, red, green, blue, and more. Designer varieties are even more beautiful. Certain makes come in black or steel only so they appear sleek, even futuristic. A clear tank might be tinted or plain.

Battery Power

Why would anyone switch from refillable electronic cigarettes to eGo e cigs? After all, certain manufacturers produce blank cartridges for their cigalikes so their customers can select their own flavors, brands, and strengths of juice. Is an eGo so different?

After a few months of vaping with a cigalike, you begin to want more power from your pen. The battery usually holds its charge for about 2 hours, and even large batteries add only an hour or two to vaping time.

Like cigalikes, eGo cigs are compatible with small, regular, or large batteries, but small is about 500mAh or more, at least twice the power of a cigalike battery. A fully charged eGo battery should last most of the day.

Where to Buy an eGo Cig

Pretty much every mainstream e cigarette retailer carries eGo devices, including kits, parts, and accessories. Consumers should be aware that a “kit” contains all parts required to vape with an eGo, but you can also buy a tank or battery separately. Joyetech is the most familiar brand of eGo, and the originator, but Innokin, Smoktech, and Kanger make kits or parts containing these batteries as well.

What to Pay

At this stage of vaping, you can easily keep the price at under $100 for the whole kit, including chargers and batteries. Low-power eGo cigs cost about $35 for a kit, give or take $5.

Vape Tanks And E Liquids

Vapers pay a lot of attention to the batteries on their e cigs: how much power they have, voltage output, variable voltage, even color. They should spend as much time thinking about vape tanks and e-liquid: the liquid is what all that power is about and tanks hold liquid. If you don’t know much about either of these topics, take some time to learn about vaping tanks, cartridges, atomizers, and e liquid.

Thanks for Tanks

A tank is to e liquid vessels what a mug is to a cup: it holds more. Tanks are made from three types of material: plastic, glass, and metal. Plastic is durable and inexpensive, but it has its drawbacks.

For one thing, plastic is thought to affect the flavor of e-liquid. If stored in plastic for too long, that undeniable taste comes through. Even when e-liquid is added to a plastic tank and vaped immediately, that same heat which vaporizes nicotine juice can release a smell and flavor from your tank.

The second problem is that you cannot use all liquids with every tank. Take a regular CE4 clearomizer: not officially a tank, but still a vessel that holds e liquid. CE4s are made from plastic and cannot be filled with juices considered corrosive. A number of companies kindly point out which juices cause plastic to crack or become cloudy. Flavors to avoid include citrus fruit styles (pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, orange, and lemon), cinnamon flavors (including cinnamon bun), and black licorice (also called “anise”).

If you prefer custard e-liquid or mocha, there’s no problem. Consumers who love their hot cinnamon candy vapor juice should consider tanks made from glass or metal. An example is the Aspire Nautilus, but there are others, and some models allow for interchanging plastic with glass if you need to replace the tube. Plastic is cheaper, but not in the long run. Tanks and clearomizers made from glass are often referred to as glassomizers.

Hot through the Middle

The power to heat your e-liquid comes from a battery which heats a coil found inside an atomizer built into a cartomizer. A cartomizer combines an atomizer with a cartridge or tube. It is filled with cotton: you soak that with e-liquid. Once soaked, the atomizer coil heats the liquid to produce vapor. Tanks come apart to produce a clear or metallic vessel and an inner part so that each piece can be replaced or just cleaned.

Do not get e-liquid into your atomizer. You will notice that the cartomizer runs through the middle of your vessel. Adding juice around this part is best because a flooded atomizer will either die outright or take less time to wear out. The wick or cotton becomes gooey more quickly.

How to Pair Liquids with Tanks

Corrosive liquids pose one problem, but another issue is viscosity. Thick liquid is not designed for use with cheap clearomizers. They are designed for use with tanks and RDAs. Vegetable glycerin (used for creating big plumes of vapor) will make atomizer wicks spongy more quickly than lighter liquids, so they last a very short time. If you are using disposable clearomizers, you soon realize that you get through a lot of them, more than when you were vaping 50/50 or some thin propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio.

Invest in a more expensive unit that can be rebuilt and is built to take high quality juice. A number of e-liquid companies sell tanks and cartomizers, plus rebuild materials that work particularly well with their juices. Usually, the maker of a top-shelf liquid vapes the juice she sells. She has experience working with certain tank models, thus explaining why she personally recommends and sells them.